We’re people with family and friends working 24-hours in the health services fighting COVID19. We’re observing social distancing but wanted to help. This fund supports money that is paid to delivery restaurants and kitchens to deliver food to our hardworking frontline staff.

We can get through #COVID-19 together but while we are social distancing, our healthcare workers are flat out.

If you can, donate. We’ll send food regularly to our hard-working healthcare staff using local businesses. #feedtheheroes

ARE YOU A FOOD OPERATOR? If you are a potential food supplier sign up to deliver to our hospitals here

We are organising with local operators to deliver regular lunch and dinner drops nationwide.

We are working on a public site at www.feedtheheroes.com to make locations, deliveries and data public.

Email: feedtheheroesfund@gmail.com
Insta: feedtheheroesire
All updates are on the feed below.

Can You Help?

As the coronavirus crisis develops, hospital and frontline staff need all the help they can get. If you can help safely, please get in touch today.