Do what you can with what you have got

It may be small on the grand scheme of things but we have decided to do something to help our healthcare workers through FREE online physiotherapy assessments and homecare programmes.

We are happy to provide a FREE consultation online to help alleviate any physical stresses and symptoms due to the current workload many are enduring.

We will be in a position to recommend some homecare programmes to work on improving any pains or strains and give advice on how best to manage anything coming up physically.

This is the least we can do given all these wonderful people are doing for us!

Please share with your friends or family in the healthcare profession. This is not limited to a location. Our online platform allows us to help a wider reach so we are happy to give our time to you.

PM us to book a slot and have any queries answered.

Can You Help?

As the coronavirus crisis develops, hospital and frontline staff need all the help they can get. If you can help safely, please get in touch today.